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MathemActive DiceDrill Game

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Students master arithmetic skills as they write and solve equations while playing exciting dice rolling games.

Fun math dice games encourage students of varying ages and abilities to challenge themselves and build skills, whether they are just starting to learn addition and subtraction or mastering multiplication and division. Students race their game piece cones toward the finish line by writing equations to equal a target number determined by the 12-sided dice. The catch is, equations can only include the numbers rolled on the 6-sided dice! Creating and solving equations teaches problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while helping students develop strong number sense.

Fit multiple students around the large, 5' sq mat to get the whole class involved. Brightly colored graphics add fun and get students excited to learn. The durable vinyl mat is water-resistant, making it safe for spills or cleaning with water. Both the 6-sided and 12-sided dice are 5" sq and feature a tough coating around a soft foam interior. Use the 9"H plastic cones to mark your spot on the game mat. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Set includes:

  • MathemActive DiceDrill Mat, 1 Ea
  • Rainbow 6-Sided Coated-Foam Dice, Set of 6
  • 12-Sided Coated-Foam Dice, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Plastic Cones, Set of 6
  • Lesson Direction

Click here to view a sample of the included lesson directions.