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MathemActive Beanbag Multiplication Game

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Keep math lessons on the move with this kinesthetic multiplication game!

More exciting and unpredictable than traditional manipulation tables, this game allows students to determine their own multiplication problems by throwing beanbags at a 3' x 3' gridded mat! Whichever number the beanbag lands on becomes part of the equation! After tossing 2 beanbags on the 10 x 10 grid, students collaborate to solve the problem.

Once students see how fun multiplication can be, they will want to play again and again with other algebraic operations like division, addition, and subtraction! This versatility also allows for participation of all ages and skill levels. Best suited for indoor play in an open area. Each mat allows for up to 12 players.

Complete Set includes 6 Rainbow weighted beanbags (2.5" sq, 50 g ea), a 3' x 3' mat, and lesson direction. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.