Matatalab Pro Set

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Unit:  Set

Encourage logical thinking in elementary students by coding without using words or screens!

Teach early cognitive abilities, computational skills, and fundamentals of robotics with this hands-on coding kit. Students simply line up physical coding blocks on the control board to create visual command strings, then hit play to get Matatabot moving. The control tower will get the instructions from scanning the blocks and wirelessly move the robot around the map. To pump up the difficulty for advanced students, Matatabot can also sing, draw, and teach coding concepts like loops and functions. Students can accomplish tasks from included Challenge Books by themselves or collaborate in groups of up to 4. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Kit includes:

  • Matatabot, 1 Ea
  • Command Tower, 1 Ea
  • Control Board, 1 Ea
  • Coding Blocks, Set of 27
  • Nature Map, 1 Ea
  • Challenge Books, Set of 3
  • Music Blocks, 32 Ea
  • Melody Blocks, 10 Ea
  • Music Warm-Up Cards, Set of 3
  • Washable Color Pens, Set of 3
  • Angle Blocks, Set of 10