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Complete more than 50 circuitry projects for a hands-on electronics experience to get charged up about!

Comprehensive electronics kits include an array of industrial-grade electronic parts that allow students to physically play, build, and develop a deep understanding of each component and how to combine them to create various circuits. They also learn how the world is powered, from smartphones to SUVs, and take away valuable skills applicable to many in-demand careers in the modern electronics industry. Scientific concepts shine through more than 50 hands-on projects, promoting critical thinking and a sense of accomplishment as students successfully turn on LEDs at will. Standard Kit includes 9V battery, electronic components, building instructions, videos, and illustrated guide books. Premium Kit adds 3 premium projects: IR Security Alarm System, Temperature Sensor, and Joule Thief.

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CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.