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Launching Target Hoop Set

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Hone in on accuracy by aiming our various launchers at this adjustable hoop target!

Students fire again and again on the three hoops on this target while differentiating between accuracy and precision. Different hoop sizes (36" dia, 24" dia, and 19" dia) provide a fun, challenging, and ever-changing experience for students of all ages: Introduce youngsters to the concept of trajectory by taking shots at the largest hoop, or ask older students to use trial and error to hit the smallest hoop. Each hoop is color-coded around the rim for easier tracking of where projectiles land. It's also easy to swap out hoops in seconds with the included hook-and-loop fasteners.

The target adjusts between 42"H and 48"H for added variability. A non-slip rubber base stabilizes the target for consistency, so students don't have to reset it after every shot. Set includes 1 base, 1 upright, 3 hoops (Large, Medium, and Small), and 6 straps. Set is 14 lb. Recommended for Elementary and up.