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Kemtec Science Genetics Kits

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Two exciting science kits apply to different grade levels for a seamless progression of DNA learnings.

In the first kit, students discover basic concepts of DNA through studying their own traits. They participate in hands-on genetics experiments like whether they can taste PTC or roll their tongues. Learning continues as they model homologous chromosomes, use Punnett Squares to apply statistical concepts to predict the distribution and variation of expressed traits in various creatures. Finally, they observe allele frequency to compare outcomes of genetic crosses.

Students continue to learn about genetics as they graduate to Genetics Kit II, they dive deeper into complex concepts like karyotypes, pedigrees, allele inheritance, and chromosome abnormalities through hands-on experiments. They’ll use simulated blood for the antigen-antibody reaction and identify blood types. Then, they’ll apply learned knowledge to determine possible genotypes and phenotypes of future generations. Finally, study pedigree charts and create pedigrees for tongue rolling and examine the ability of their family to taste bitter using PTC paper. For 24 students working in groups of four. Recommended for Middle School and up.

Genetics I Kit includes:

  • Instructor Manual
  • PTC Paper
  • Wooden Splints
  • Red Markers
  • White Markers

Genetics II Kit includes:

  • Complete instructor's manual
  • reproducible student sheets
  • Simulated Blood Testing Kit
  • PTC paper
  • Plastic picks