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Geometry Posters

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Unit:  Set of 3
Take the difficulty out of learning formulas with these geometry posters!

Memorizing different geometry formulas can feel like decoding alphabet soup for many students. This set of 3 math posters changes that by helping students remember essential formulas for calculating perimeter, area, and volume of popular shapes and polygons.

  • The perimeter and area posters provide formulas for a circle, square, triangle, right triangle, equilateral triangle, rectangle and parallelogram.
  • The volume poster shows formulas for a sphere, cube, triangular pyramid, right triangular pyramid, tetrahedron, rectangular prism, and parallelepiped.

Bright colors and bold illustrations make the right formula easy to find and assist in quick memorization. Gloss laminate construction withstands the rigors of daily classroom use. 18" x 24".