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EnginAIR Propeller Car Set

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Feel a gust of accomplishment while building a car powered by a propeller!

Students discover the concept of pressure and how it behaves in the real world through hands-on activities. In this kit, they build an air-powered car of their own design using balsa wood, wheels, straws, and other materials. A propeller connected to twisted rubber bands provides the propulsion, allowing students to witness and understand how it manifests as kinetic energy. Lessons test elementary and middle school students on appropriate knowledge through high-octane road tests where they measure distance traveled and determine which parts of their design have the greatest impact on performance. Challenge students to uncover how changing environmental variables like the track surface material, propeller rotations, and number of rubber bands used can affect their car’s performance. Includes everything needed to build cars and lesson direction. Full set contents listed below. Recommended for Elementary and Middle School.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Set includes:

  • Balsa Wood Packs, 4 Sets
    • Dowels, 4 per Set
    • 36"L x 4"W x 1/8" thick, 1 per Set
    • 36"L x 1/4"W x 1/4" thick, 2 per Set
  • Straws, Set of 500
  • Assorted Rubber Bands, Set of 320
  • Green Tape, 2 Ea
  • Propellers, 8 Ea
  • Pulleys and Spools, Set of 25
  • Paperclips, Set of 100
  • Lesson Direction