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Earth Layers Set

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Journey to the Earth's core to discover the differences in composition, thickness, and temperature of the various layers!

Start the lesson by reviewing and identifying all of Earth's layers—from the surface to the core. Let students determine the correct location for each of the 6 layers and place them on the banner. They can then add soil composition labels to name each layer. During the process, students can discuss what makes each layer unique. Set accommodates up to 6 students working in a small group, or it can be used as a full class activity with the teacher placing each layer or calling on a student. Included lesson direction is adaptable for Grades K-4 and 5-8.

Set includes 1 magnetic vinyl banner (2' x 4'), 6 Earth layers, 8 labels, 6 brackets, and lesson direction with educational activity ideas. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Recommended for Elementary and up.