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Discover pulleys, levers, and complex machines by constructing functional models with 640+ building elements!

Introduce basic concepts of engineering through hands-on construction of simple and complex machines. This project-based curriculum covers pulleys, levers, power transfer, gear ratios, and more via engaging, student-directed challenges and design projects. Students will collaborate to build trebuchets, cart launchers, and even a transmission model, enhancing learning with tangible evidence of abstract concepts. Unique 3DIC building software includes step-by-step instructions, allowing students to build at their own pace and highlight specific parts of a model for clarification. Individual Set includes instructor/student guides, building instructions, 640+ Fischertechnik building elements, and 2 licenses for 3DIC. Group Set includes 5 Individual Sets. Class Set includes 8 Individual Sets and a hardwood storage unit with 4 casters. Elementary and up.

CHOKING HAZARD (3). Not for under 3 yrs.

Click here to download a sample of the NGSS-aligned curriculum manual.