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CrypTest Cipher Wheels

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Encrypt and decode secret messages with this engaging cypher kit for the whole class!

Get the whole class encrypting classified notes and using learned decrypting skills to crack each other's codes! The kit includes enough cyphers for 24 students and a large cypher for teacher demonstration.

Students learn that cyphers contain a mysterious message on the inner encryption wheel and the key to discovery on the outer base wheel. They'll see how, when the base wheel and encryption wheel are correctly aligned, each secret symbol matches with a letter of the English alphabet. By employing the problem-solving skills of a real-life detective, they can crack the code!

To begin, students line up the key by moving the encryption wheel any number of spaces. If they shift the code 4 spaces, the letter E on the encryption wheel will match with A on the larger base wheel, meaning that E is code for A. The kit includes encryption wheels with letters, numbers, and symbols, so students can decrypt messages in different ways.

Included lesson direction features beginner and advanced lessons, details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Practice encrypting and decoding messages, then decrypt a message without a key and create custom encryption wheels that can be pinned to the base wheel! See full contents list below. Recommended for Elementary and up.

choking hazardCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Kit includes:

  • Large Base Wheel, 1 Ea
  • Small Base Wheels, 24 Ea
  • Large Encryption Wheels, 3 Ea
  • Small Encryption Wheels, 72 Ea
  • Paper Fasteners, 30 Ea