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CreateKit Foosball Kit

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Students discover how friction, gravity, force, and design are required to create a working foosball game!

Students are challenged to think critically as they collaborate to construct a homemade foosball table using parameters set by the teacher. They begin by brainstorming and sketching their designs. After approved by the teacher, students take supplies and get to work. Parameters to follow include a minimum number of players, an additional slot in the center to drop the ball, and multiple goals on either end. Groups must have one successful play of their game caught on video to complete the challenge, then discuss the results using the Engineering Design Process. What worked the first time? What didn't?

Kit includes everything needed to build for 24 students working in groups of 6. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Kit includes:

  • Cardboard Sheets, Set of 100
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks, Set of 200
  • Wood Dowels (12"L x 1/2" dia), Set of 50
  • Table Tennis Balls, Set of 6
  • Construction Paper, 200 Sheets
  • Clay (1 lb), 1 Ea
  • Clothes Pins, Set of 100
  • Lesson Direction