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CodingCourse Mini Sets

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Coding for elementary students made simple as students learn the basics with this tabletop, portable, screen-free coding course!

Two teams of up to 4 students each go head-to-head as one team codes to move their spot marker from Start to Finish on the mat without hitting one of the bugs placed by the other team! Teams employ trial and error as they work together to write a successful coding pathway. With no screen time, these sets offer a more hands-on way to learn about coding. Durable vinyl mats (18” sq, 13 oz) stand up to frequent use. Poly vinyl bugs and spot markers (2.5” dia, ¼” thick) add a fun pop of color to lessons.

Group Set accommodates up to 8 students and includes 4 bugs (1 ea red, yellow, blue, green), 2 spot markers (1 ea orange, purple), 2 mats, and lesson direction; entire set weighs 3 lb. Class Set includes 4 Group Sets. Recommended for Elementary and up.