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LearnLever Lever Set

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Larger-than-life lever brings the relationship between a fulcrum and amount of force needed to lift heavy loads alive!

At 2½' tall and 6' long, this giant simple machine gets students excited and actively collaborating to explore its benefits! STEM principles come alive as students hypothesize then experiment through trial and error with colorful balls to discover how many are needed to lift a load. To begin, place the LearnLever in a large open space, indoors or out and let students huddle around as they place the large fulcrum at the center of the bar, place balls in a bucket on one end, and see the load start to shift. Answers start to emerge to the questions of, how many balls are needed to make the lever level? What happens when we shift the fulcrum to the right or left? How do we get the biggest lifting advantage? Notches on the fulcrum allow for quick adjustment so students immediately see how the position adjusts the results. Next, get students thinking by experimenting with heavier/larger items to balance the lever. ABS construction is very lightweight for easy mobility yet durable to withstand routine experimentation! Recommended for Elementary and up.

Set includes LearnLever (72"L x 18½"W x 30"H; 9½ lb), 24 beanbags, and lesson direction. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Patented.