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CardioCount Heart Rate Kit

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Pump up hearts and brains by testing heart rates before, during, and after physical activity!

Students collaborate to discuss resting and active heart rate, then reinforce gained knowledge by testing their own pulses in different conditions! To begin, split students into small groups and have them calculate resting heart rate with the contact heart rate monitors. Then ask them to perform physical activity like jump rope for one minute and test again. Reusable dry-erase worksheets allow them to record data for later analysis.

They'll observe the differences in heart rates between individuals and test different activities to see how they impact pulse. Then they can discuss why different physical activities impact heart rate differently and define terms like pulse, max heart rate, and more. Use indoors or out thanks to a durable oxford storage bag that carries it all. Accommodates up to 24 students working in groups of 6 and then split into pairs. Recommended for Upper Elementary and Middle School.

The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons.

Kit includes:

  • Dry-erase worksheets (12" x 18"), 7 Ea
  • Dry-erase markers, 8 Ea
  • Contact heart Rate Monitors, 6 Ea
  • Rainbow QuickTurn Speed Ropes, Set of 12 (6 ea 7'L, 8'L)
  • Rainbow Stopwatches, Set of 6
  • Storage Bag (20"W x 20"L x 8"H), 1 Ea
  • Lesson Direction, 1 Ea