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Cardboard Connectors Sets

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Build bigger, better, more complex cardboard creations with sturdy connectors.

Let imaginations run wild as students construct massive cardboard bridges, buildings, or forts using this durable polypropylene hardware building set. Students develop engineering and architecture skills in three-dimensional spaces as they solve problems and discover the strongest connection points for larger constructions. Unique channel and tab design allows students to press nuts on quickly and twist to lock in place for more efficient building. Press the nut and bolt together tightly for a fixed connection between panels, or create a pivoting joint by leaving space for panels to slide past one another.

Choose sets in various quantities, with or without cardboard and hole punches. Recommended for Lower Elementary and up.

  • Basic Set includes 25 nuts and 25 bolts.
  • Double Set includes 50 nuts and 50 bolts.
  • Deluxe Set includes 25 nuts, 25 bolts, 100 carboard sheets (8" x 10")
  • Advanced Set includes 50 nuts, 50 bolts, 100 cardboard sheets (24" x 20"), 5 hole punches