Bristlebot Sets

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Students brush up on engineering, motors, and circuits with Bristlebots!

Students get hands-on engineering experience as they build a simple circuit with a battery, pager motor, and the detached head of a toothbrush. Then they get creative by decorating their Bristlebots with colorful pipe cleaners and googly eyes, and watch as they buzz across hard surfaces! Learners will experiment with cause and effect relationships by changing the orientation of the pipe cleaners and observing Bristlebotâ„¢ behavior. Will it travel in circles, scoot in straight lines, or zig zag at random? Challenge students to see what they can make their Bristlebots do! No tools required. The toothbrush heads are pre-cut, and motor wires have exposed ends to connect to the battery. Small Set includes bots and materials for 4, Group includes 10, and Class includes 25. Recommended for Lower Elementary and up.

choking hazardCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.