BluTrack Adapted Learning Kit

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A stiffer, simpler track helps all students develop fine motor skills on the racetrack!

Students experiment with this high-flying racetrack to explore how objects move within and react to different environments. Simply pick a starting line, hang the dual-lane track by the hanger pad, and get ready to race! A stiffener bar is used to stabilize the shorter 18'L track at the top of loops and as cars whizz by. One quick setup provides faster transitions between activities, giving students more time to focus. Smaller track size makes it easier for elementary students to perform investigations. It is also flexible yet durable, allowing for near limitless engineering possibilities and scalable difficulty. A teacher's guide includes seven lessons that explore Newton's Laws of Motion, allowing students to hypothesize, test, and experience how their speeding car will be affected by loops, curves, hills, ramps, and jumps. Includes 18'L track, 8 ramps, 2 cars, hanger pads, and anchor system. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Kit includes:

  • EP BluTrack (18'L), 1 Ea
  • BlueTrack Ramps, 8 Ea
  • BluTrack Racers, 2 Ea
  • Hanger Pads and Anchor System