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BinaryBonanza Game

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Flip tubes to the correct pattern while learning how to convert numbers between the decimal and binary systems.

Number games keep students active as they learn about binary—a fundamental coding concept widely used in computer science to store, access, and manipulate data. Students begin computer science games by selecting a card with a number between 0 and 32. They need to work quickly to flip the 8 ToppleTubes to convert the decimal number on the card to represent a binary number. The blue end of the tube represents 0, while the yellow end represents 1. After completing the binary pattern, students flip the card over to check their work. They can also use the cards to quiz other students.

Laminated, illustrated cards are ideal for long-lasting use in the classroom. Durable ToppleTubes tubes are made of tough vinyl that is sturdy, soft, and lightweight. They have hexagon-shaped ends that narrow toward the center, making them easier to grip. Flat ends ensure they stay standing during use.

Set includes 8 tubes (8-1/2"H x 4" dia), set of 34 cards, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and lesson direction. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.

Click here to view a sample of the included lesson directions.