Battery Builder Kits

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Students discover how to create a better battery while learning how their favorite electric gadgets work!

Students ask themselves how they can build a better battery as they attempt to improve it's design by exploring properties of materials and engineering. After learning the basics about how a battery works, students run experiments by changing components to see what they can do increase its efficiency. Integrated NGSS curriculum and activity kit brings science & engineering principles to life. This integrated NGSS curriculum and activity kit brings Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCCs) to life in your classroom as students explore how the properties of objects affect how we use them. Teacher guide includes pacing guides that accommodate all levels, cross-curricular integration, and printed student notebooks. Curriculum Unit includes enough electrode materials for up to 30 students. Full contents listed below. Book of Ideas workbooks sold separately. Recommended for Elementary.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Curriculum Unit includes:

  • Materials Mix-Up Kits, 6 Ea
  • Multimeters, 4 Ea
  • Batteries, 3 Ea
  • Paper towels
  • Copper Tape, 1 Ea
  • Wired LEDs, 15 Ea
  • Alternative Electrode Materials, 1 Box
  • Alternative Separator Materials, 1 Box
  • Battery Holder Starter Kit
    • Foam Blocks, 6 Ea
    • Dowels, 20 Ea
    • Craft Sticks, 20 Ea
    • Pipe Cleaners, 20 Ea
    • Tape
  • Electrolyte Investigation Components
    • Scale, 1 Ea
    • Containers, 20 Ea
    • Salt
    • Scoops
  • Educator Guide, 1 Ea
  • Materials Mix-Up Introductory Activity Sheets, 30 Ea
  • My STEM Stories Student Notebook, 30 Ea
  • My STEM Explorer Notes Student Experiment Notebook, 30 Ea
  • Timelines
  • How Batteries Work (Connect with Electricity) Reference Book, 1 Ea

Click here to download a sample of the NGSS-aligned curriculum manual.