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ToneTest Sound Wave Kit

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Explore the science behind sound and music with hands-on activities!

From the first bell of school, students hear sounds every day but might not know what causes them. Students will use soft paddles to hit the tops of different length tubes on an ABS frame, then conduct experiments to study how the length of each tube changes the sound that is produced. They'll learn that sounds result when a vibrating object causes the surrounding medium to vibrate too! They'll also discover scientific audio attributes like octaves, frequency, and pitch. The frame is 69"L x 75"W x 27-1/2"H; 13.5 lb. Includes materials for four students. The paddles are constructed of soft vinyl with a wooden handle and are 12-1/2"L x 6-1/2"W.

Kit includes frame, 4 paddles, and lesson direction. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, mesh storage bag, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Recommended for Elementary and up.