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StudyScale Scale Set

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Interact with this 4-sided scale to visualize the relationship between weight distribution and balance!

Easily immerse students in hands-on physics lessons as they interact with STEM principles in action! They collaborate in groups to balance a hanging scale, experimenting through trial and error to discover the right combination of colorful weighted beanbags to keep it level! To begin, place the 2 StudyScale frames in an open area with 2 hanging 12"L arms and assign 1 group of students to each frame. Then have students place beanbags on both ends of their hanging scale and observe the results. Did the scale balance? Why? Next, blend learning with math by investigating different weight combinations—like two 50 g beanbags on one end and one 100 g bag on the other.

For more advanced trials, slide the beanbags up and down the arms and apply critical thinking to the effects on leverage and balance. With mastery over the 2-sided scale, add the remaining 2 arms to each frame and challenge students to balance a 4-sided scale using previous learnings to determine correct distance from the fulcrum. Durable ABS frames withstand routine use yet are lightweight for easy mobility.

The included lesson direction provides 3 hands-on investigations and questions to encourage abstract thought and is adaptable to grade ranges K-4 and 5-8. Lesson direction also details setup instructions, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Set is recommended for Elementary and up.

Set includes:

  • Study Scale Frames (21½"L x 21½"W x 37"H; 11 lb), 2 Ea
  • Red Beanbags (4" sq, 50 g), 4 Ea
  • Orange Beanbags (4½" sq, 100 g), 4 Ea
  • Green Beanbags (5" sq, 200 g), 4 Ea
  • Blue Beanbags (6" sq, 500 g), 4 Ea
  • Lesson Direction