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Teach students about sequence and strategy with this card game.

How to Play

Deal each player 30 cards (20 if there are more than 4 players)—these are their “stockpiles". Use the remaining cards as the “draw pile". Each player draws 5 cards at the beginning of his/her first turn (and back up to 5 on subsequent turns). As players come across a 1 card, place it in the center of the table to represent the 4 play piles.

Build each play pile up sequentially from 1 to 12 using the cards in players' hands and the topmost card of their stockpiles. A Skip-Bo card acts as a wild card in the sequence. If a player uses all of the cards in his/her hand, draw 5 more from the draw pile and keep going. As players use the cards from their stockpile, continue to flip over the topmost card. The first player to use all cards in his/he stockpile is the winner!

When a play pile reaches 12, remove and shuffle it before adding it back to the draw pile. If you cannot play a card, you may discard one card in your hand in one of your four discard piles to end your turn. These do not have to played in sequential order.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.