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Simple Machines Class Pack

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Forge strong engineering knowledge with this do-it-all simple machines pack!

This exclusive class pack includes all the equipment teachers need for hands-on lessons in forces, work, and mechanical advantage. Students can explore levers and pullies through the tabletop sized LearnLever Mini Lever, LearnLauncher Mini Catapults, and ForceCourse Mini Pully Systems. Additionally, students can use spring scales in the InclineInvestigation kit to determine how ramps are used for mechanical advantage. The Soft Wedges can be used to learn about minimizing force to separate items. Lastly, explore wheels and axles through gears using the RatioReveal class set. It features different-sized gears and lesson direction to guide students through calculating gear ratio.

This bundle is perfect for a full class of up to 24 students working in small groups. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Pack includes:

  • LearnLever Mini, 4 Ea
  • LearnLauncher Mini, 4 Ea
  • ForceCourse Mini, 4 Ea
  • InclineInvestigation Inclined Plane Kits, 2 Ea
  • STEM in the GYM Soft Wedge, 6 Ea
  • RatioReveal, 4 Ea
  • Simple Machines Posters, Set of 4