Robotics Smart Machines Kit

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Encourage critical thinking skills as students build robotic models that interact with the world around them!

Blending engineering and computer science, this kit introduces students to robotics with eight models controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor. Create a humanoid that pivots to avoid obstacles in its path and a crocodile that wags its tail when objects are far away but opens its jaws when they draw near! Each robot uses ultrasound to detect objects in their environment and calculate their distance. Students code their robots with a fun and easy app interface and experience visual evidence of sound waves based on feedback from the ultrasound sensor. After completing all eight robotic models, have students design, build, and program their own inventions! A 64-page full-color manual provides step-by-step building instructions and example programs for all eight robots. iOS or Android device is required. Elementary and up.

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CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.