PocketLab Thermo Kit

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Measure temperature for a wide range of experiments with the PocketLab Thermo Kit!

Whether you're investigating the Albedo effect, comparing outside temperature over a certain amount of time, or measuring the temperature in a scale-model of a house, you can add the PocketLab Thermo to your next science experiment. It is a temperature probe that sends data to your device wirelessly. You can easily use this tool to investigate weather, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and so much more!

The PocketLab Thermo includes two temperature probes with simultaneous measurement capabilities. You can use them with nearly any computer, tablet, phone, or Chromebook via a 30' wireless Bluetooth communication range. Each temperature probe 3'L, giving you a great range for collecting data. The probes can sense temperatures from -55 to 125°C (-67 to 257°F). Extra-long battery life of 200 hours keeps experimentation on track. Recommended for Elementary and up.