Kids First Engineering Design

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The basic laws of mechanical physics collide with real-world examples as students construct 20 simple machines and automotive models to conduct 22 experiments!

Students use the included 80-page manual with step-by-step instruction and colorful illustrations to construct a crash-test simulator and air bag testing station, sundial, pulley system, incline plan, and more. Once models are complete, students work together to perform experiments, discovering the topics of force, gravity, and energy and how problems are created or solved. Their newly constructed crane or wheelbarrow shows how pulleys or levers make the workload easier, and the crash-test simulator shows the effect of increasing speed and momentum. Manual provides fun facts along the way, encouraging students to pose questions and relate physics to everyday examples. Kit includes 142 pieces. Recommended for Elementary and up.

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CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.