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Giant DNA Model

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Unit:  Set

Students explore genetics as they construct a larger-than-life DNA model project with this kit.

Students explore the nitrogen bases in DNA, the base pairs they form, and the double helix shape of DNA strands. Using the colorful pieces included in the kit, students determine which nitrogen base will be represented by each of the four colors. They connect the nitrogen bases to the model via hook-and-loop fasteners to represent base pairs.

Simple, piece-by-piece construction allows students to work at their own pace and gain a deeper understanding of DNA structure. Once all the pieces are assembled, twist the top bar, and watch as the structure takes on the double helix shape.

Includes 28 foam pieces (4 ea red, yellow, blue, green; 12 ea black), 1 upright, 1 rubber base, and lesson direction. Black foam pieces are 8"L x 2" dia. Red, yellow, blue, and green pieces are 7"L x 2" dia. Assembled model is 20-1/2"W x 68-1/2"H. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.