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Shop for building kits for kids at STEM Supplies and let students learn about the importance of functional design!

Open-ended architecture kits let students experiment with various types of materials as they build towers, bridges, vehicles, and robots. While exploring structural design concepts, students discover through trial and error how things go together to add stability and integrity to models. They can explore how various building materials including wood, cardboard, plastic, and interlocking bricks affect the integrity of structures. They can also test theories of what makes a solid structure as they experiment with wide and narrow bases, more or less building supplies, and where to place heavy/light or large/small materials.

As students explore the creativity and science involving in engineering, they develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also have the opportunity to see how simple machines work together to achieve a goal.

Key Benefits:

  • Engineering is involved in building everything around us! From towers and bridges to cars and airplanes, it all begins with a structural design concept.
  • Kits let students build with various materials to test the integrity of structures.
  • Open-ended activities let students design and build structures with various materials.
  • Real world application: Engineering is a big component of many structural jobs. It’s used by architects to develop different building concepts and strategies, building contractors as they bring their designs and visions to life, and engineers as they shape the world around us.

Buy kits from STEM Supplies to introduce students to a variety of building and structure engineering concepts!