Earth Science 3D Modeling Kits

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Three-dimensional models provide an engaging, hands-on experience while examining the water cycle, earthquakes, or a volcano!

Creating 3D paper models is a great way to make Earth science projects interaction, while also bringing NGSS Standards into the classroom. As students assemble the colorful models, they discover the various parts and structures that contribute to these natural processes while incorporating NGSS Standards.

When using the Water Cycle Kit, students can build a model landscape and follow the flow of water as it is evaporated, condensed into clouds, turns into precipitation, and flows through rivers or the ground water. The Earthquake Kit features two models. One is a subsurface model that lets them study the features of an earthquake. The other model displays the destructive effects of surface waves on a city. Students can use the Volcano Kit to study the structure of a volcano and the various types of eruptions while modeling such features as the cone, magma chamber, and ash clouds.

Kits accommodate up to 10 students and provide enough materials for 5 paper models. Recommended for Elementary.