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Chemistry Class Pack

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Inspire future chemists with an all-inclusive class pack for middle-school learners.

Start by discussing elements on the interactive Periodic Table that allows students to place magnetic element cards in the correct spots following included lesson direction. From there, construct your own atoms using magnetic elements. The Happy Atoms Educator's Bundle includes a manual with lessons, activity ideas, and 5 class sets including 250 pieces. In the Characteristics of Matter kit, students can uncover the properties of matter including color, odor, solubility, shape, size, texture, density, alkalinity, and more through project-based learning.

Use the Scout Digital Microscopes and slides to study specimens on a microscopic level. The Water Testing kit allows young chemists to conduct more than 100 water tests that explore water properties like hardness, oxygen levels, and more. Students can explore electrochemistry reactions with the PEM Fuel Cells, turning hydrogen into electricity that can be applied to motorize a small model car.

This pack includes everything you need for a class of up to 24 students working in small groups. Recommended for Middle School and up.

Pack includes:

  • Periodic Table of Elements, 1 Ea
  • Happy Atoms Educator Bundle, 1 Ea
  • Scout Digital Microscope w/ 6 Lenses, 6 Ea
  • Scout Digital Microscope Slides, 6 Ea
  • Water Testing Kit, 1 Ea
  • PEM Blue Mini Fuel Cells, Set of 5
  • Characteristics of Matter Book, 1 Ea