Boost-R-Bots Kit

Unit:  Ea

Boost creativity, cooperation, and engineering skills early on with 15 simple block robots!

Promote collaboration and critical thinking as students explore the basics of robotics together. Engaging kit includes blocks in assorted sizes and shapes that snap together to create robots. Through this hands-on approach, students see their ideas come to life. They also witness firsthand how technology affects their lives. After building their block robots, students incorporate motors and a programming board to make their creations move. Use the included remote control with easy-to-use buttons to command the robot; there’s no need for a separate computer or tablet. As skills progress, students move to more detailed designs with motors and a programming board. A comprehensive manual instructs how to build and program. Kit includes 177 pieces, see full content list below. Recommended for Elementary and up.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Kit Includes:

  • Building Block Components, Set of 80
  • Frames, 12 ea
  • Adapters, 21 ea
  • Shafts, 15 ea
  • Bushes, 30 ea
  • Spanner, 1 ea
  • Couplings, 4 ea
  • Gears/Wheels, Set of 6
  • Rubber Frame, 1 ea
  • Main Board, 1 ea
  • DC Motors, 2 ea
  • RC Receiver, 1 ea
  • Remote Controller, 1 ea
  • 6V Battery Case for 4 AA batteries (included), 1 ea
  • Activity Guide