AstroReality Solar System Mini Set

Unit:  Set
Take to the stars without ever leaving your seat using this mini solar system set.

Encourage curiosity about what lies beyond Earth's blue sky with this 3D-printed solar system set that includes all 8 planets plus Pluto! Stunning polyresin planet models are designed and crafted with the highest quality planet renderings. Textured surfaces enhance realism and provide tactile feedback. To take astronomy lessons beyond the palm of your hand, set up the planets, download the free app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and dive into augmented reality.

The app lets students scan each planet's unique QR code and view fascinating facts about these celestial bodies. Experience an awe-inspiring sense of scale not possible within the confines of a classroom and research within the app to answer questions. Students can discover any planet's atmosphere, composition, and even potential for life. Each planet can be paired with up to 6 devices, so students can collaborate in small groups and accommodate the entire class. Hands-on learning blasts off in no time with a free online classroom and educator guide that covers setup and provides student activities. Set includes 9 planets and QR codes. Planets are 1-1/4" dia, ½ lb. Recommended for Elementary and up.